American Oak Xoakers


Xoakers can be used in barrels, tanks, carboys or kegs. These 1” solid oak spheres are perfect for the precise and uniform addition of oak to neutral barrels, tanks, carboys and kegs. Xoakers will contribute a complex oak character, rounding and softening wines while enhancing the mid-palate. Xoakers are simply added to the barrel through the bunghole, and then rolled back out during barrel washing.

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Dosage: 1 to 2 Xoakers per gallon (3.78 L), or 1 to 2 lbs. (0.45 – 0.90 kg), per 60 gallons (225 L), is recommended.
Practical use: Can be used in red or white wine.
Recommended contact time: Minimum of 4 months (We also recommend tasting regularly).
Useful life: 12 months.
Convection toasting: Light, Medium, and Medium Plus.
Size: 1″ (2.54 cm) diameter spheres.
Surface area: 3.14 sq. in. or 20.26 cm2
Displacement: American Oak: Average 60 Xoakers per lb: displaces 0.09 gal. /0.35 L.
Seasoning: American Oak: minimum of 36 months.
Quality Control:
HACCP Management: XTRACHÊNE facilities apply HACCP processes.
Testing is done for Haloanisole and Halophenol compounds and Lindane.
Traceability: Traceability is guaranteed for each product which is labeled with a unique lot number.
Packaging: Available in 2 lb. & 20 lb. increments only. Food grade plastic bag, shipped in a cardboard box.


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