Oak Products For Winemaking

Oak chips, granular, stavettes, inserts and other additives for craft winemaking.

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XtraChêne’s French and American Oak is supplied exclusively from Chêne & Cie stave mills in France and the United States, where oak is seasoned naturally in the open air for a minimum of 24 months for the French oak and 36 months for the American oak.

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About XtraChêne

Oak wood and wine are two precious and naturally derived products that blend harmoniously during the aging process, and it takes patience, skill and passion to make superior oak wine additivies. 

Offering oak wood at the service of wines and spirits is the raison d’être for Chêne & Cie, a family company that owns three cooperages: Taransaud (French oak), Canton (American oak) and Kádár (Hungarian oak) as well as Xtrachêne, the specialist in oak alternatives.

These four Chêne & Cie brands are international references, and are renowned for their unique know-how which is synonymous with quality and high standards by leveraging decades of experience in the industry to maintain the quality that our customers expect.


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