114L (30Gal) Spirit Barrel




The oak barrel is the distiller’s silent partner. Over time it singularly influences the spirit’s flavor. The quality of the barrel’s wood and crafting impacts the distiller’s ability to nuance the flavor to fit their vision. Spirit by Canton Barrels provide distillers with impeccable quality and innovative oak, char and toast options. Each and every barrel stave is carefully evaluated and selected for straightness and grain and then open air-seasoned to maturity. Our investment in technology enhances the precision of the cooper’s skill at transforming the wood into a barrel worthy of your spirit.

We only purchase wood from the best American white oak sources and mills. Each stave is carefully hand sorted and inspected. This ensures our wood is of the highest quality, free from defects or sap wood. The staves are stacked according to a specific technique in our Kentucky wood yard to ensure even exposure to air and moisture, for optimum open air seasoning. Longer wood seasoning has proven to naturally soften the oak tannins and reduce the “green” compounds: hexanal, acetic acid and furfural.

The S1 Spirit is a 12 month open air-seasoned (minimum) high quality wood, softened tannins, with rich flavors from wood and char.  This barrel is a char level 3 with charred heads; if you would like a specialized toast, medium, medium plus, heavy (used also for wine), char (level 1,2,3 or 4), or aged wood (24 or 36 months) please contact customer service at 707-843-4407.

Special Features

  • HACCP Food Safety – Third Party certified since 2006
  • Computerized traceability. Unique identification number per barrel
  • Haloanisole and Halophenol panel tested multiple times during production process
  • Barrel integrity – can be stored empty for several months before filling
  • Sanded and hand finished, for reduced splinter risk.
  • Galvanized steel hoops.
  • Barrels are sealed with a plastic cup and shipped with a bung (wood or silicone, upon specification).
  • One year warranty


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